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*Riiiiing... riiiiing..*

Hi! You've reached the megas awesome number for me! If I'm the one you're looking for, sorry! I can't quites reach the phone right now! Feels free to leave a message after the beep! And if you're looking for someone else, feel free to leave a message too! I likes meeting new people! Hahahaha!



Jan. 29th, 2013 12:12 pm
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Hey! How am I playing this perky girl? Bad? It's bad, right? Let me know in this post! All comments are screened, so no worries if you need to say something major. Have at it!
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There is nothing under this post worth reading anymore. *nods sagely*
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Oh geez, uh...

Hey, hey, hey Boss-nyo? Boss-nyo? They took out that mean Revya woman, right? So why are we suddenly getting even MORE reports of places getting attacked and overrun?
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Oh wow, hahahahaha! Reisen-ni? You're gonna be staying here? Great! It'll be like a big sleepover! Hahahahaha! Hey, who's this?
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All right! Operation "Track the Train" is go! Time to find out where these tracks are actually goin'! This is gonna be great!

Tsuruya is following the tracks! She's even got a stick with a bag tied to it -- though if anybody asks, it's just her lunch. Feel free to interrupt her, bother her, or go along with her. Either way, it's a day out, innit?
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Tsuruya, much like a number of the other friendlier inhabitants of the Netherworld, spent much of her time distributing gifts in the form of several handmade ornaments. That said, a few undistributed ones are still in her possession -- Misery's, notably, but while Tsuruya is friendly, she's not so foolish as to keep it out in the open.

Especially considering some of the paperwork she's helping with after Christmas.

Tsuruya, in a way that some would find surprising, is actually quite capable of putting gravidas into things that require them, and the increasing number of reports about Revya and her minions -- and, somewhat distressingly (but not really surprisingly), Misery-shii -- are definitely heavy subjects.

She sighs a bit, and munches on a cookie from the plate she brought for the office. Well, that's life. A lot of darkness to bring light to. Which is why there is still a smile in her heart, ready to bring to her face when someone comes in.

The new year is going to be interesting.
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Someone in one of the myriad shopping districts may happen upon Tsuruya in one of the stores, looking at outfits like it's a matter of life or death. Shopping is srs bzns. Okay, we lie, this is TSURUYA, but she does like shopping for stuff.

Ho geez, they got some pretty crazy stuff here. Betchya I'd bee showin' off for the guys every time I stepped out of the door in some of this stuff! Hey, whaddaya think of this one, though?

She shows off this. One of the Prinnies has a nosebleed and falls over like... well, a stuffed penguin that's been bowled over.

I guess that means it's good! Hahahahaha!
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Hey, I ain't normally one to ask too many questions and all, but has anybody seen Misery? The roomie assignments said I was supposed to start bunking with her, and she seemed kinda neat, but she never actually came to the room. I was all ready to order pizza and chat and everything, but...

She's hard to miss. Short green hair, kinda pale, somewhere in her twenties? I hate to think something happened to her this early into coming to this place.
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Hey. Hey hey. I like these card games as much as anybody, but are they sure they gave me the right deck? Cause I megas remember playing something like this when I was younger and I'm pretty sure these sorta cards aren't in it. Are these really gonna work?

((OOC: In true keeping with her mun's RIDICULOUS VIDEO GAME OBSESSION, Tsuruya's got what can be best termed as the "retro weeaboo" deck. In short: every single one of her cards summons or makes reference to old video games from the NES and SNES era.

And before anybody says anything, It's not there's no precedence for this nonsense or anything.

Anybody who wants to see how ridiculous this is can challenge her; it doesn't make a difference to me whether she wins or loses, but do indicate in your first tag which way you'd prefer to go.))
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WOOOOOW! This Baal guy thinks of everything! There's megas tons of candy here! Does that mean we're gonna get a buncha trick or treaters coming? Good thing I managed to find this megas awesome costume in the market the other day! Let's have some fun!
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That's odd. Tsuruya is currently mulling around the broken dimensional gate, analyzing it from all sides. There's a look of actual deep thought on her face as she looks over it. The heck's up with that? She sort of nods her head and rubs her chin as she walks around it.

She doesn't know what she's doing, does she?
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Whoa! This totally wasn't where I was headed before!

Well, I have no idea where the heck I am right now, but it looks like I came at a good time whereever it is! Check this place out! It's a circus! I'll figure out what's going on later! Yay!


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